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Personal Injury


Practice: Personal Injury

Our personal injury clients don’t ask to be involved in these types of cases. They don’t ask to be hit by a car, rear ended by a semi, or become the victim of a negligent doctor, and they certainly don’t ask for the pain that follows. Our clients are normal every day people who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Since 2005, we have helped recover millions of dollars from insurance companies to compensate our clients for what they have lost.

Insurance companies love to make offers which are low and early. Immediately after a wreck, a car wreck victim may be contacted by an adjuster who acts like they care and want what is best for the victim when in-fact they are simply trying to meet their quarterly bonus based upon the amounts paid. What the poor victim doesn’t understand is that they must pay for their past, present and future medical bills out of the settlement and they must reimburse their own health insurance company for those expenses. Sadly, we have been contacted by numerous personal injury victims who settled with the insurance company too soon and now they can’t make a living because the settlement wasn’t enough.

Whether a personal injury victim hires the Grimmett Law Firm or another attorney, they are increasing their chances of survival against the insurance companies. If you are victim of personal injury or you are close to someone who was a victim, please contact an attorney today. We do not charge a dime unless and until you are compensated for your injury. That is why our motto is “Don’t Lose what’s Legally Your’s”. Don’t lose the money from the insurance company which is legally your’s!