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Grimmett Obtains Jury Verdict of 61 x Medical Bills


In 2016, a client was traveling down a road and stopped in traffic when she was hit by another driver in the rear end. Although she thought she was okay, she immediately began to hear a ringing in her ear. Prior to the accident, she had tinnitus (ringing of the ear) and it was liveable; however, this was unbearable. She believed it would go away and tried to do everything she could to ignore it for the next few weeks. Unfortunately, it never went away.

The driver finally went to her local ENT where she learned that there was nothing they could do. She contacted the insurance company for the reckless driver and they claimed that they did not cause it. The driver reached out to several attorneys who said they didn’t want to be involved. She finally contacted David Grimmett who said he might be able to help.

The matter was litigated for two years against the Allstate Driver and Allstate finally offered $3,500.00. The driver rejected the offer and Mr. Grimmett took the matter to trial.

The matter went to a jury trial in September, 2018. After three days of jury selection and testimony, the jury returned a verdict of $58,000.00 (61 x the medical bills caused by the accident).

Allstate said that a jury would never award more than $5,000.00. Fortunately, the driver did not lose what was rightfully hers.