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Child Custody


Practice: Child Custody

Children are the most important part of a person’s life. No one can really understand what it means when someone says “I would take a bullet for them,” until they become a parent. In Tennessee, the juvenile courts are designed to protect children from abuse or neglect inflicted by their parents. Some parents are accused of terrible things they didn’t do and it feels like they have the burden to prove that they are innocent rather than the other side proving that they are guilty. Other parents know that they made a mistake and they are scared to admit anything thinking it will mean that they will never see their children again.

In Tennessee, David Grimmett is one of the few attorneys who is board certified in child welfare law. Mr. Grimmett has served as the chairman of the Nashville Bar Association’s juvenile court section and he has taught attorneys throughout the state how to try and defend dependency and neglect and termination of parental rights cases. He has also represented the state of Tennessee on behalf of parents’ attorneys at national conferences in North Carolina and Washington, DC. He is also the only attorney in Tennessee who has been appointed by the Tennessee Supreme Court to appeal a case to the United States Supreme Court regarding the termination of a parent’s rights.

Mr. Grimmett has defended cases ranging from sexual abuse, physical abuse, drug abuse and death. His clients generally come from both judges and other attorneys who know Mr. Grimmett and know that he is needed in the most complex cases.